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Thanks to Theben OBELISK top2 software it is easy to create programs on a PC and transfer them to the tariff time switch via a memory card. The user interface of the OBELISK top2 software is completely the same for tariff time switches, time switches and twilight switches.

This enables you to benefit from the easy, efficient and intuitive operation of all devices without having to work your way through new user interfaces. Up to 100 different programs for the widest range of applications can be stored on an Obelisk storage component. And every device has an extended main memory where up to five „clocks“ with different configurations can be stored.


  • Order-No. 9070899
  • OBELISK top2 Memory card
  • USB plug adapter
  • software (for Windows 2000/XP/Vista)
  • Updates of existing OBELISK top2 software are here available as free downloads


Operating instructionsPDF
SoftwareZIP zip_netto
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