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Smart Meter Gateway CONEXA 1.0

Das Theben CONEXA Smart Meter Gateway 1.0 wird einfach auf den bereits installierten elektronischen Basiszähler (von EasyMeter) gesteckt, über den Jumper an Spannung angeschlossen (gezählte oder ungezählte Energie), eine Weitbereichskommunikation angeschlossen (Ethernet oder UMTS/ GSM und der Installationsprozess ist vollzogen. Über die optische Schnittstelle und eine optional angebrachte M-Bus Kommunikation werden nur die Messwerte an das Gateway übergeben. Die Messwerte werden signiert, kryptographisch verschlüsselt und über eine sichere Verbindung an den Versorger oder den entsprechenden Dienstleister übermittelt. Alle relevanten Konfigurationen werden in der Datenzentrale vorgenommen. Dieses Verfahren sorgt für höchste Effizienz und Sicherheit im gesamten Prozess.


  • Order No. 0100100
  • Smart Meter Gateway CONEXA 1.0
  • List of supported meters
  • Simple plug-in installation without the need for extra space in the meter cupboard
  • Integrated display screen for consumption data, tariff information and more
  • Open Source Linux operating system ensures long-term use
  • Capable of being updated for future functions for mains and energy distribution
  • Individual software versions for Smart Home, Smart Metering and Smart Grid
  • Additional applications e.g. for RML counters and EEG switches for end users
  • Secure transfer of consumption values (electricity, gas, water, heat) and maximum protection of personal data
  • Transmission via Ethernet, UMTS, GSM
  • Can be extended via standard interfaces (2x USB)
  • Software updates, including for adaptation of future interfaces and protocols, via remote access
  • Easy to upgrade to EasyMeter electric meter basic meter thanks to power supply via jumper

Technical data

Operating voltage (Defined range)230 V AC, -10%, +10%
Operating voltage (Extended range)230 V AC, -20%, +15%
Supply voltagevia jumper with integrated micro-fuse mA
Frequency50 Hz
Installation typePlug-in upgrade module for EasyMeter electric meter
DimensionsWidth 178 mm, height 200 mm (meter plus communication module), installation depth 90 mm. The installation height in the combined system from the Q3D meter with short clamping cover and CONEXA is approx. 280 mm
Height communications module116 mm
Dimensions display70 x 37 mm
Power consumptionApprox. 3 W
Max. supply power for USB devices? 200 mA (for both USB together)
Surge voltage fixed to12 kV
ESD resistance up to15 kV in the display and keys area
Time basisNTP- time server
DisplayLCD display
Keyboards2 touch buttons
Housing and insulation materialHigh-temperature resistant, self-extinguishing thermoplastic
Type of protectionIP 51 according to EN60529 after installation in the relevant switch cabinet or for wall mounting indoors with an additional sealing (Order No. 9070719)
Protection classII subject to correct installation
Ambient temperature in operation-25°C … +55°C (Temperature range class 3K6)
Ambient temperature storage and transport-25°C … +70°C (Temperature range class 3K8H)

Scale drawings




CertificatePDF acrobat_2
List of supported metersPDF acrobat_2
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